Purpose-designed for large format motion picture imaging, BLACKWING7 lenses from TRIBE7 represent an entirely new range of tuned optics for contemporary film makers to use within their creative story telling.


BLACKWING7 optics exhibit unique imaging properties which arise from the introduction of controlled distortion during the development and manufacturing processes. This distortion is modular and allows a level of tuneability over key parameters which shape many creative characteristics of the lenses.


The lens range comprises a core set of 8 focal lengths, with three additional planned focal lengths. All lenses are offered in three tuning options per focal length, configurable at point of manufacture.

BLACKWING7 lens tuning allows parameters such as sharpness, contrast, roll-off, spherical aberration, field curvature, edge halation and flare to be modified to provide sets of “curated” optics to suit the personality and intent of the owner.


Many of the design cues for BLACKWING7 primes originate in optics manufactured during the 1930 – 1960s, but the real inspiration behind the lenses lies in the evolutionary nature of experimental music and audio synthesis, and the process of creating distortion through sound amplification.


Conceptually, the ability to tune each BLACKWING7 lens is identical to how EQ adjustment is used in music production – to control the range, or shape of tonality in specific bands across the audio frequency spectrum. The image produced by a BLACKWING7 lens can be described as having a musical fidelity to it; with each focal length having an underlying level of distortion which can be controlled to produce strong artistic resonances including unique flaring characteristics.


Ten sets of BLACKWING7 BINARIES were created by TRIBE7 to help introduce the film making community to the concept of audio merging into imaging. These limited-edition BINARIES are named in recognition of creative imaging not being a black or white process – film makers accessing a wide choice of optics is essential to serve creative storytelling. BLACKWING7 BINARIES have been widely used on commercials, music videos, TV and feature productions and all feedback from these unique lenses has contributed to the production tuning of the BLACKWING7 prime lenses which are now shipping.


Every BLACKWING7 lens is hand-built, using a proprietary production tuning process which allows the optical performance of each lens in the range to be uniquely configured and tuned to their owner’s wishes and creativestyle. 

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