TIFFEN 4”x5.65” 138mm Rota Pola


Tiffen (4565MULTROTTRAYCP) Rotating Multi Tray (RMT) 138mm geared Tiffen Ultra-Thin Circular Polarizer Base Unit.

4×5.65in Mattebox Multi Rota Tray 138mm Circular Polariser Base Unit only. Additional Tiffen 4×5.65 Ultra Thin Circular Polarizer for VND and Warm to Cool FX not included.


Up to three effects in one unit:

1- Rotating Tiffen 138mm Circular Polarizer

2- VND (Variable Neutral Density)*

3- Warm to Cool FX fader*


Designed to be used with Sunshades and Matte boxes from all major manufacturers including Arri®, Bright TangerineTM, Chrosziel®, Vocas and TLS Optics.

*When used with optional Tiffen 4×5.65 Ultra-Thin Circular Polarizer (Not Included), which is engraved to aid direction of use. The rotating multi-tray can be used as either a VND (Variable Neutral Density) or Cool/Warm Fader FX.

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