ARRI Signature Zoom 45-135mm


The ARRI Signature Zoom 45-135mm T2.8 Lens – LPL Mount (KK.0038606) is a highly versatile and powerful lens that is perfect for professional photographers and filmmakers. This lens is a part of the Signature Family of Lenses, which means it offers a matching look and feel to the popular Signature Primes.


One of the key features of the ARRI Signature Zoom lens is its universality. Unlike other lenses that are dedicated to one specific format or camera, this lens can be used with any large-format or Super 35 camera. This makes it a valuable investment for photographers and filmmakers who work with different cameras and formats.

The ARRI Signature Zoom lens also offers consistency in both its look and performance over the entire range. This means that no matter which focal length you use, you can expect the same high-quality and consistent results. Additionally, the lens has a short close focus, allowing you to capture shots without the need for changing lenses.

With a focal range of 16mm to 510mm, the ARRI Signature Zoom lens boasts the largest focal range in the industry. This gives photographers and filmmakers the flexibility to capture a wide range of shots without having to switch lenses. Moreover, the lens is free of ramping, ensuring a fast T-stop of T2.8 throughout the entire range.

The ARRI Signature Zoom lens is a future-proof investment, as it is ready for 8K+ applications. This means that it can handle the demands of high-resolution shooting and is perfect for those looking to future-proof their equipment. Additionally, the lens offers controlled flares, making it ideal for HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability. It also has lower contrast, allowing for beautiful images with open shadows.

In conclusion, the ARRI Signature Zoom 45-135mm T2.8 Lens – LPL Mount (KK.0038606) is a top-of-the-line lens that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and consistency. With its impressive focal range, future-proof capabilities, and stunning image quality, this lens is a must-have for any professional photographer or filmmaker. So why wait? Get your hands on the ARRI Signature Zoom lens and take your photography and filmmaking to the next level.

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