The ARRI K2.0036186 (K20036186) Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1 is a highly versatile product that serves as a hub for the Hi-5 ecosystem. It is capable of functioning as a receiver, transmitter, or motor controller, making it an essential component for wireless control of ARRI or third-party cameras and lenses.


The RIA-1 supports ARRI’s exchangeable radio modules, including the RF-EMIP, RF-2400, and RF-900. This allows for seamless integration with different camera setups and setups using different radio modules.

In addition to its flexible functionality, the RIA-1 also offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for camera control. It can connect to a camera for power, start/stop/tally, and camera control, as well as LBUS devices for lens control. This makes it a convenient and efficient solution for managing multiple aspects of a shoot.

The compact design of the RIA-1 also makes it a portable and convenient option for on-set use. It features multiple mounting interfaces, including 3/8″ and M4, allowing for easy attachment to different rigs and setups.

Furthermore, the RIA-1 is compatible with any camera, making it a versatile option for a wide range of productions. It is also compatible with ARRI and cmotion control devices, expanding its capabilities even further.

Finally, the RIA-1 supports common distance measurers such as the Focusbug Cine RT, ARRI UDM-1, and Cine Tape Measure via SERIAL interface. This allows for precise and accurate distance measuring, making it an essential tool for any production.

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